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What you can expect at HereandNow Institute

At HereandNow we work with a set of techniques and tools created to help you uncover and work through the emotional difficulties you may be experiencing in your current life, and address them in a deep but direct and efficient way.

Or, if you already know what your difficulties are but feel powerless to improve or change relationship patterns and behavioral habits, these tools can help you see what is going on and how to change what is hindering you to make your life smoother and happier.

Of course, we all have problems, big and small. But sometimes, we don’t even realize that our discomfort or emotional pain is avoidable. We all want to experience peace, but sometimes we don’t know how to be at peace. Very often, small changes and simple decisions can make all the difference.

The human way of functioning, and the way we live and perceive life, depends a lot on our personality type and character. For this reason, in HereandNow we focus on finding out from which center you move through life, or where your actions are really coming from, in order to discover what exactly you need to be able to make the changes you want.


Your intellectual center is predominant and your mind and thoughts are running the show. This greatly determines your experiences, reactions and decisions.

Open Heart

People who have a ‘big heart’ are sometimes overwhelmed or caught by their emotions, and their lives are ruled by what they feel.

Body Language

Your instinctive center can become detrimental if excessive activity and impulse becomes a way of avoiding getting in touch with your needs and emotions.

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