HereandNow Institute Programs

We offer three complete Emotional and Relational support programs. Learn more about them and choose the one that best suits your needs

What are the HereandNow Institute Programs about?

The HereandNow Programs are a set of techniques and tools created to help you discover and bring light to the emotional difficulties you may be experiencing in your current life, and show you ways to deal with them in a profound but direct way.

Perhaps you feel powerless to improve or change unhealthy relationship patterns and painful behavior habits. These tools can help you see what’s going on and help you change whatever is making it hard for you to live a smoother and happier life.

Of course we all have problems, big and small. But sometimes we don’t even realize that our emotional discomfort and pain are avoidable. We all want to experience peace, but sometimes we don’t know how to be at peace. Very often, small changes and simple decisions can make a difference.

The three programs we offer include different areas in which we often experience problems or difficulties. The work can focus on just one program or area, or also on more than one since, in most cases, areas are interrelated.

Speak-Your-Mind Program

Focused on our intellectual center and the impact of thoughts on our emotions and feelings, as well as on our life and our choices.

Open Heart Program

This program explores our emotional center and our behavior patterns due to those emotions, including lack or denial of emotions.

Body Language Program

This program focuses on the physical center. It explores our relationship with our body, body awareness, and the way our body lives in the world.

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