Transformation Programs

We offer three complete Transformation Programs. Learn more about them and choose the one that best suits your needs

What are the Transformation Programs?

HereandNow Transformation Programs compose an inner transformation map, a compass that helps us find ways to embrace our deepest existential longings.

They are tools that help us to walk the path between our purely human and earthly existence, and the transpersonal experience that implies to know and arrive at the truth of one Self, here and now.

It is the path to fundamental inner wellbeing, regardless of the external strong swell caused by beliefs and self-images formed throughout life, which do not correspond with who we really are, nor with how we can experience life.

Each program can be taken separately, or you can combine the first two.
The Transition Program is an intensive program, for people with a high degree of commitment to their own transpersonal transformation, and who want to delve into the depths of their own truth.

Meditation Program

Reduce your life stress and existential anxiety with techniques that are adapted to meet your needs.

Undoing Program

Unweave the web of your identity and ‘return home’ with A Course in Miracles and A Course of Love.

Transition Program

Intensive with the Finders Program.

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