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Our Vision

At HereandNow Institute, we have lived in direct contact with suffering, like most human beings. That is how we came to realize that emotions are but milestones down the road of healing, and could be used as a tool instead of as a burden. Some people seem to be more equipped than others in the task of living their life, and seem to not need a compass, at least apparently.

For most of us, however, the task is complicated and painful at times. Therefore, to learn to Live with a capital L, to the fullest and with complete acceptance, patience is needed, as well as self-compassion, commitment, trust and perseverance.

HereandNow Institute offers a service of assistance and emotional support in the Here and the Now, to help you learn from the emotions and reactions that probably define and limit your life experience. A roadmap to identify them, recognize them, face them, heal them and let them go.

What is our expertise?

HereandNow Institute offers two specific lines of work:

Emotional and Relational Counseling

We work with an emotional and relational support program, targeting specific people and situations, exploring the impact of thoughts on our well-being and our relationships, the origin of our behavioral patterns, the influence of negative emotions in our lives, and the importance of physical care in order to care for our mental wellbeing.

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Existential-Transpersonal Orientation Support

If your life is going well and yet you feel unsatisfied or aware of a void that never gets filled, and want to go to the root of your suffering in order to understand it and go beyond it, HereandNow Institute offers Transpersonal Orientation Support. Transpersonal Counseling is about getting to know ourselves more deeply, to discover the meaning and purpose of our life, and to help us walk the path to conscious life and death.

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