Open Heart

People who have a ‘big heart’ are sometimes overwhelmed or caught by their emotions, and their lives are ruled by what they feel.

Whe we experience relational difficulties of any nature, we must begin by exploring our relationship patterns, especially if we are suffering or causing pain to people around us. This will help us develop an emotional self-support which allows us to relate to others from a healthier and more conscious place.

This program helps us own our personality, our decisions, our behavior, and the impact of our choices on others. It explores our role in life and within our relationships, and helps us to really get to know ourselves, using emotions as a doorway to go beyond them towards a more happy life.

Some aspects we can explore:

Emotional awareness:

What are my behavioral patterns.

Relational awareness:

What am I seeking in my relationships. What do I give in return. What do I need.

Goodtreating instead of mistreating ourselves:

Emotional scale to measure how I treat myself and how I would like to be treated.

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