Body Language

Your instinctive center can become detrimental if excessive activity and impulse becomes a way of avoiding getting in touch with your needs and emotions.

When we explore our relationship with our body, our body awareness, and the way our body lives in the world, we can discover patterns that will show us what we need to change to feel better.

Some aspects we can explore:

Me and my body. Good friends or total strangers?

Have you ever asked yourself what kind of relationship you have with your own body? It’s a good place to begin to understand some of the harmful habits and tendencies we keep repeating over and over.

Body Awareness:

During the first 30 years of our life it seems no please-take-care-of-me rules apply to our body. We usually aren’t aware of how we treat our bodies, or what we introduce in them. But, as years go by, we begin to see that rules do apply, that our body system can malfunction if we don’t take care of it, and that our life quality is going to depend a lot on how we treat the body we were given.

In Corpore Sano:

Certainly, eating and routine rules cannot be applied to everyone in the same way. However, there are things that make everyone feel bad, such as drinking bleach, being a couch potato, or eating junk food permanently. When acquiring body awareness, we are developing an instinct that helps us to choose those habits that most favor us … and to be grateful that we can still do it 🙂

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