Undoing Program

The Undoing Program helps us to become aware of our mind and to unweave the web of our identity to go home

In order to be able to free ourselves from suffering at its root, we have to realize how our mind works and how we are totally identified with it and with all its content.

When we go deeper into the nature of the mind and the nature of suffering, we realize that both are united in an endless wheel, from which we can only escape by unravelling the framework that makes up our identity, ceasing to give credit to what are only ideas or thoughts.

To stop that wheel, we offer you two options (there are many more, but this is our choice) that will help you to ‘retrace your steps’ in order to get home.

Lessons from A Course in Miracles (ACIM)

A Course in Miracles is a blue book of self-study, whose goal is to undo the ego. And what is the ego? Nothing but a collection of ideas, beliefs, opinions, images and stories that make up the identity of the person we believe we are.

Through the ACIM lessons we learn to undo these beliefs and set ourselves free from them, to be able to live a life that is as unconditioned as possible, to be able to welcome a true identity that can live in inner freedom and happiness for good.

At HereandNow, we help you go through the lessons, answer your queries, and walk you through this life-changing process.

Awareness Program

Awareness means to be aware of what the world, people, life, really are. In order to be in Awareness, we just need to focus on what is. And stop focusing on what is not. It’s easy. And yet it’s difficult because it means to stop caring about what we had always deemed as important. In HereandNow we help you to re-focus and to connect with the Awareness that is always right here.

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