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Why online?

Online counseling is an innovative, convenient and confidential way to undergo a counseling process, where all communication between client and counselor takes place via Zoom Video conference which allows a safe and private interaction.

Although there is no face-to-face interaction, there are many advantages and benefits of online therapy. We outline some of them below:

Benefits of Online Counseling

Reduced cost

Online emotional support leads to a significant reduction in costs, not only travel costs, but also regarding time and effort.

From any location, anywhere in the world

Thanks to technology, online counseling is made possible for people who live in remote regions or with difficult access, such as rural populations and isolated areas. Online counseling can also benefit people living abroad, where access to this type of service in their own language is difficult.

Without Borders

Online therapy can benefit people living anywhere in the world, or in places where access to the service in their own language is difficult, or can’t find such a service in their place of residence. Or they simply resonate with HereandNow Institute’s approach and services, and want to give themselves a chance.

Better access to emotional or transpersonal support

Online counseling favors accessibility for people with mobility difficulties or with conditions that can prevent leaving their homes and attending face to face consultation. In these cases, online emotional assistance not only can be very beneficial for the client, but can also benefit their relatives and caretakers.

Anonymity and Discretion

On online counseling sessions, people usually feel less intimidated than on face-to-face sessions, because they are in a familiar and safe context such as their home or office. Not having a face-to-face contact favours being able to talk about difficult issues more easily and safely.

Timetable Flexibility

Online counseling can have more flexible working hours. For those clients that work full-time and find it hard to make time for their therapy sessions, online therapy can prove very suitable.

Still hesitant?

All the above said, of course online counseling also has its drawbacks. It’s a lot easier to connect with someone face-to-face, and of course the online experience differs from person to person.

The session also relies heavily on a good internet connection and not having one results in a disruptive experience. However, the sheer convenience of online counseling results in clients missing fewer sessions and the outcome being more effective.

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